Our Community

The Church is God’s family. The Bible refers to this family in various ways such as the “household of God,” and the “covenant” people of God. The “covenant” is a pervasive theme in the Bible. It refers to the way God has entered into relationship with us sinful people. He does so by making a promise to love us, and in doing so, binding Himself to us for our eternal salvation.

God’s promise to His people is that He will always be their God, never leaving or forsaking them, and that He will provide our salvation and take us to dwell with Him, in His glorious presence forever. The sole condition of our receiving these promised blessings is faith in God’s Mediator, Jesus Christ. As it has been from the beginning, God’s family is made up of believers in Christ and their children. The Church is God’s covenant community, and we are, quite simply, God’s family.

As a holy family, set apart for His glory, we seek to love and serve one another, just as Christ has loved us. We are a family of broken sinners, saved by grace, seeking to love God, and love one another for the glory of Him who called us.

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