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Our Sovereign God (Proverbs 16:1-4, Proverbs 16:9, Proverbs 16:33, Proverbs 21:1, Proverbs 21:31)

John Belden, June 30, 2019
Part of the Exposition of Proverbs series, preached at a Sunday Evening service

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Proverbs 16:1-4

1The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD. 2All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits. 3Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. 4The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil. (KJV)

Proverbs 16:9

9A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. (KJV)

Proverbs 16:33

33The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD. (KJV)

Proverbs 21:1

1The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. (KJV)

Proverbs 21:31

31The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD. (KJV)

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